Wyldthingz F6SBT Savannah Stud
Khal is from one of our utmost favourite lines of SBT Savannahs! He is a very unique dark gold with intense markings and has the coveted black nose. He also has a long body, good musculature, a great overall head and profile, and lovely small, deeply-set and well hooded eyes. He carries for various warm gold and cool tones of Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby and Melanistic (Black). Khal comes to us from American lines that are well known for producing outstanding SBTs, which we hope to take advantage of here at Exotictails.

Quick Silver

AllEarz Champion F6SBT Savannah Stud
Silver is the first Canadian Savannah Champion with the CCA-AFC and we couldn’t be more proud! He comes from some spectacular American lines and carries for Silver Spotted Tabby, Silver Smoke, Melanistic, and Brown Spotted Tabby colours. He also carries for the coveted black nose. Silver has beautifully shaped, tall, deeply cupped, and well set ears. He also has a wonderful Serval-like triangular shaped head with straight profile, long legs and good boning, a thick tail, and clear contrast with bold black spotting. Silver is the current father to most of our SBT litters, and is the sire to Exotictails Lizard of Wyldthingz – TICA’s 5th Best Savannah Kitten!

Lucky Charm

Exotictails F6C Savannah Stud
Lucky Charm, AKA “Charlie”, is our home-grown boy from our original and favourite breeding pair – Mathilde and Flash Dance. Not only are we mesmerized by his rare and beautiful warm golden colour, but he has grown to be one of our tallest and sweetest cats!

Charlie has a gorgeous Servally triangular head with a straight profile, no muzzle pinch, and exotic wide nose bridge. He also a long body and neck, and has very long, powerful legs that can jump several feet in the air with not effort at all! Charlie has great bloodlines behind him and carries for the coveted black nose. He throws warm and cool toned kittens and the rare Seal Lynx Spotted “Snow” colour. Charlie’s lines are also very fertile – he bred his first female at 7 months of age! We love that Charlie also passes down his amazing temperament to all of his kittens. We can’t wait to see what SBTs he will bring to the show halls.

*Khal and Silver reside at our spacious farm in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Our studs are never caged. Charlie also has the most outgoing temperament and will often travel with us to cat shows nationwide.

To see more pictures of our studs, please check out their gallery on our Facebook page!

Former Studs

Flash Dance

A1Savannahs F6B Savannah Stud
Flash is a little camera-shy, but he’s the most awesome Savannah stud! Definitely a gentle ladies’ man. With his long legs, large ears, and black Serval-like nose on wide nose bridge; we are very proud to have had him in our program! He gave us exotic looking kittens with the best muzzles, wide nose bridges, very long legs, nice Serval-like triangular shaped heads with good profiles, tall and well set ears, and even his golden kittens often pass on black noses to their kittens. Flash is from one of the oldest lines of fertile Savannah Cat males. He was bred by one of the founders of the breed and can be found in many pedigrees worldwide.

Flash is currently co-owned by Spidersweb Savannahs, where he will soon retire and live the life of a pampered pet.


Hybrideal F5C Savannah Stud
Klaus (formally Brandon) has been retired and is living the pampered pet life with his F3C girlfriend, Zsa Zsa. His last litter with our Queen Meryl is his final one here at Exotic Tails. Klaus has been a fantastic father and has produced all of our SBT (stud book tradition) Savannah kittens prior to 2014. He gave us kittens of impressive size (often outgrowing him) by passing on his good boning and long legs. Klaus also passed on nicely hooded eyes with great shape, the Serval-like triangular head shape with a straight profile, and also gave us kittens with great contrast, colouring and spotting. Don’t let that stern face fool you, he’s a complete attention suck and will do anything to sit on our shoulders. If we forget to close the bathroom door, he will even join us in the shower!