F7SBT “Katniss”

F7SBT Savannah Queen – CH Lynxcreek “Katniss” of Exotic Tails.

Katniss is one of the first female Savannah Champions with the CCA-AFC (Canadian Cat Association) and we couldn’t be more proud! Her dad is Exotictails Pan of Lynxcreek, who is from our very first breeding pair, Mathilde and Flash Dance. She has the same sweet personality that Mathilde and Flash pass down to all of their kittens. We’re very proud to have Katniss in our program.

Katniss is a tall girl with a long body, neck and legs. She also has a perfect triangular head with no muzzle pinch, a beautiful profile, lovely Cheetah-tear markings, a wide nose bridge displaying the coveted Serval-black nose, and unique cooler toned colours. It is hard for us to capture her best feature in our pictures, but Katniss has some of the nicest Serval-like eyes, especially for an F7! Her eyes have the perfect boomerang shape called for in the Savannah Cat Standard, and are deeply set with gorgeous hooding.

Katniss is a very quiet and sweet girl that loves everyone she meets. We enjoy every moment with her!

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