F6SBT Female “Qinling”

Born: March 8th, 2014
Colour: Golden Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
Dam: Spidersweb TeddiBear of ExoticTails (F5SBT)
Sire: CH Allearz Quick Silver of ExoticTails (F6SBT)

Qinling is a gorgeous blend of both of her parents and we couldn’t be more proud of how she is developing! She has several generations of Savannah-to-Savannah breedings in her pedigree and is a beautiful representation of an SBT (purebred) cat! She has very exotic mini black spotting from head to toe across her warm golden coat, along with lovely long legs, body and neck, tall rounded ears complimented by light ocelli, nicely hooded eyes with thick cheetah-tear stains, a Serval-like triangular head shape with straight profile, and a thick tail with no taper. Qinling is also the alpha of her litter with an overtly confident personality and sweet temperament.

Because Qinling has the perfect disposition and traits to be a show cat, she has been one of our show cats for 2014. She recently attended her last cat show, however, and is ready for her new home!

***Qinling has found her wonderful new home. Please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for info on available Savannah Cats, or visit us at www.facebook.com/exotictails

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