F6SBT Female “Aries”

Born: March 31st, 2014
Colour: Golden Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
Dam: CH ClosduChat Belle Starr (F5SBT)
Sire: Wyldthingz Khal of ExoticTails (F6SBT)

Aries is from our amazing Queen Starr, the first female Savannah Champion in Canada, and is the perfect example of an SBT (purebred Savannah). She has several generations of only Savannah-to-Savannah breedings in her pedigree, which we feel strongly adds to her strong resemblance to her Serval ancestry. We adore Aries’ gorgeous face with many Serval-like features, including very tall, rounded ears with light ocelli, the triangular head shape with straight profile, deeply set, hooded, boomerang shaped eyes with thick cheeth-tears, and little spotty freckles along her cheeks. She also has elegant tall legs to go with her long body and neck that is covered in nice round spots we expect will get bolder as she ages. Our visitors tell us Aries resembles more of an F3 or F4 then an F6!

Because their mom is Starr, Aries and her siblings were all named after zodiac signs. Starr is one of our most loving, outgoing queens and we feel she passes this down to her kittens. They’re all laid-back and get along with everyone they meet! We have two other girls in this litter that will be posted shortly.

***Aries has found her wonderful new home. Please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for info on available Savannah Cats, or visit us at www.facebook.com/exotictails

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