F6SBT “Daenerys”

F6SBT Savannah Queen – Allearz “Daenerys” of Exotic Tails.

(NOTE: Daenerys is now retired and living a pampered life in her new pet home.)

Daenerys is a full sister to our handsome Savannah stud, Quick Silver. She has produced some outstanding SBTs for us so far, with a few in breeding programs in the U.S.A. Daenerys passes on her jumbo, nicely shaped and well set ears, along with her perfect profile, long legs, body and neck, and lovely contrast and spotting. Daenerys also carries for the coveted Serval-black nose, along with various colours from warm golden Brown Spotted Tabby, to snowy Silver Spotted Tabby, to dark sultry Silver Smoke and Melanstic (Black).

Daenerys is an energetic and loving girl and passes this on to her kittens. We’ve often heard that her kittens look more like the quality of F3s than F7s and her boys tend to grow quite large. We cannot be more proud of our first Silver Spotted queen!

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