F5SBT “Belle Starr”

F5SBT Savannah Queen – CH Closduchat “Belle Starr” of Exotic Tails, aka Starr.

Starr is the first female Savannah Champion with the CCA-AFC (Canadian Cat Association) and we couldn’t be more proud! She is the sweetest girl that loves every person and cat she meets. Starr passes on her lovely personality to all of her kittens.

Starr has very tall, perfectly shaped ears, long legs, a perfect Serval-like profile, a wild puffy nose leather, deep set eyes with nice hooding, a thick tail, and is a nice sized girl! Starr also carries for the coveted Serval-black nose.

Two of Starr’s kittens from her Summer 2013 litter will be hitting the show halls in 2014! We look forward to seeing them win over all of the judges and spectators they meet!

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