F5C Female “Luna”

September 15, 2012
Colour: Snow (Seal Lynx Spotted Tabby)
Dam: Puddlerock Pure Cotton (F4B)
Sire: A1Savannahs Flash Dance (F6B)

Luna and Sola, like their mother Cotton, are rare “Seal Lynx Spotted Tabby” Savannah Cats, fondly also known as “Snows”. Seal Spotted colouring is the tabby version of the “Colour Point” gene (commonly seen on Siamese and Himilayan cats). Seal Lynx Snows are born completely white and develop their spots and markings as they age. This can often take months! These kittens will keep their gorgeous ice blue eyes.

Luna is the largest kitten from her litter. She is also very outgoing and playful, she is the first into everything! Luna has gorgeous markings which are already very defined for a snow kitten her age, and they will continue to darken over the next few months.

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