F5B “Mathilde”


F5B Savannah Queen – Dreamweavercatz “Mathilde” of Exotic Tails.

Mathilde comes from a small breeder in North Carolina, U.S.A. who produces kittens known for their fantastic temperament. Bred with Flash, Mathilde has produced some of our all time favourite kittens here at Exotic Tails. Her kittens have wonderful type, amazing temperament, and comical personalities. Mathilde has quite a few Savannahs on her pedigree for a B registered cat, which is likely why she has so many Servally features to pass on! She has kittens, grand-kittens, nieces and nephews in select small breeding programs worldwide.

Mathilde has nicely set, tall and rounded ears that are wide at the base, expressive boomerang shaped eyes, cheetah tear-markings, a lovely triangular head shape with white mask, a brick red puffy nose leather with black liner, long legs, toes, neck and body, prominent shoulder blades, good contrast on a very warm coat, and nice round spotting with exotic freckling over her shoulders.

Mathilde carries for various shades of BST (Brown Spotted Tabby) and Melanistic.

Some of Mathilde’s previous F6C Savannah kittens can be seen on our Facebook page.

To see some of Mathilde’s kittens’ antics in action, please check out these videos:
F6C Savannah Kittens 2010
Savannah Kitten Editing Kitten
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