F3C “Zsa Zsa”

F3C Savannah Queen – Wyldthingz “Zsa Zsa” of Exotic Tails.

(NOTE: Zsa Zsa is now retired and living a pampered life in her new pet home.)

We LOVE the overall look of this girl! Not only does Zsa Zsa have large, nicely shaped ears, but she also has a very Serval-like face, with a triangular shaped head with straight profile, nicely hooded and well shaped eyes, and a wild puffy nose leather. She also has huge inky spots and a thick tail. Zsa Zsa’s mother is the sister to Guiness’ World’s Tallest Cat, Trouble. We expect amazing things from Zsa Zsa’s F4SBT Savannah kittens!

Photos courtesy of Kelly Sheppard at Wyldthingz Cattery, California.

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