F3C Male “Argos”

Born: November 15th, 2013
Colour: Golden Marble / Classic Tabby
Dam: Demdar Daphne of ExoticTails (F3C)
Sire: Wylthingz Khal of ExoticTails (F6SBT)

Argos is a whopper of a boy that’s nearly twice the size of all of his siblings. Like previous males from his mom, Daphne, we think we he will be quite the tall and heavy cat! Despite his marble pattern, Argos has many Servally features, including tall ears, distinct ocelli, long legs, and the coveted Serval black nose with rare pin-stripe down the middle. Argos has a very sweet and calm disposition so we feel he would fit well into any home.

Marbles (AKA Classic Tabbies) are quite fascinating to watch grow as they do quite the transformation! They have spots on their bellies, faces and feet, and their patterns continue to open up and bring out more and more colour until they’re full grown cats. Anyone interested, please email us for pictures of full grown marbles.

While gorgeous, unique, and rare, because Marbles/Classic Tabbies are a non-standard colour of Savannah, we are offering our two remaining marbled kittens at a slight discount to the right home.

If interested, please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for more info.

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