F3C Female “Tangerine”

Born: February 24, 2012
Colour: Very warm Golden BST
Dam: Demdar Meryl (F2B)
Sire: Hybrideal Klaus (F5C)

Tangerine has a unique and very warm golden coat. We think she has a very feminine appeal to her. She has a perfect wedge shaped head and straight profile, tall ears that are nicely upright, rounded and deeply cupped with prominent ocelli, lovely hooded eyes, an exotic wide nose bride, and a tail with no taper. She also has long legs, neck and body. We think she has many great features that will pass on to her SBT (stud book tradition) kittens born at Hilltop Pride Savannahs and look forward to seeing our grand-kittens in Canadian shows in 2013.

If interested, please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for more info.

Pictured here at 5 1/2  and 13 weeks old.

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