F3C Female “Raion”

Born: October 21st, 2012
Colour: Golden BST (Brown/Black Spotted Tabby)
Dam: Demdar Meryl (F2B)
Sire: Hybrideal Klaus (F5C)

Raion reminds us so much of her mother, Meryl, as a kitten! She has a thick, fluffy texture to her coat much like a Serval cub. She also has pitch black spotting, dramatic cheetah-tear stains, thick mascara lining on her nose and eyes, fantastic ocelli, a short fat tail, and huge puppy feet! Raion is a tank of a kitten with an outgoing and confident personality.

Kittens from Meryl’s previous litter have all been incredibly affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. Many have even learned how to walk on harnesses and go on walks with their families!

If interested, please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for more info.

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