F3C Female “Megara”

Born: November 11th, 2013
Colour: Golden Marble / Classic Tabby
Dam: Demdar Meryl of ExoticTails (F2B)
Sire: Hybrideal Klaus of ExoticTails (F5C)

Megara is a gorgeous girl with big ears, beautiful ocelli, long legs, and puppy dog paws. Don’t let her unique pattern deceive you…While it may look like she has huge spots, she is all marble! What she lacks in spots, however, she makes up for in spunk!

Marbles (AKA Classic Tabbies) are quite fascinating to watch grow as they do quite the transformation! They have spots on their bellies, faces and feet, and their unique patterns continue to open up and bring out more and more colour until they’re full grown cats. Anyone interested, please email us for pictures of full grown marbles.

We’re offering either Megara or her sister Corinth to the right homes for a significant price reduction. They’re both very sweet, energetic girls, however, are not initially good with strangers. They take time to warm up to new people and thus will need families with lots of love and patience to open up and be their sweet, fun selves. We’d prefer cat-savvy experienced homes with older children. Other pets are good, and maybe even preferred for positive influence.

***Both Megara and Corinth have found thier wonderful new homes. Please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for info on available Savannah Cats, or visit us at www.facebook.com/exotictails

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