F3C “Belle”


F3C Savannah Queen – Hybrideal “Belle” of Exotic Tails.

Belle will forever be a kitten in a grown cat’s body. She is the center of attention and always ready for action! Belle is usually a favourite to visitors at our home and spectators at cat shows with her striking looks and exotic demeanor. She has a very wild stride and walks with her head low like a wild cat stalking its’ prey!

Belle has expressive, deep set, well shaped and wonderfully hooded eyes, lovely cheetah tear markings, a triangular shaped head with no muzzle pinch and a straight profile, a puffy brick red nose with black liner, a long body, toes and neck, Serval-gold coat with inky black spotting, and a short tail. Belle also has a Serval-like texture to her coat – a trait that is often lost past the F1 generation.

Belle frequently gives us F4 male Savannah kittens with nice size.
To view Belle’s past F4SBT Savannah kittens, please click here for her 2011 litter, and here for her 2012 litter.

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