F2B “Pele”


F2B Savannah Queen – Lynxotics “Pele”.

Pele is a melanistic Savannah Cat – she has a beautiful black coat with ghost black spotting. A melanistic Savannah’s pattern is similar to that of a black Jaguar, meaning it is really only visible in the brightest sunlight. Pele is a lovely example of the black African Serval and it really shows when seen up-close. She has fantastic high set, large, deeply cupped ears that are also well shaped, very deep set eyes, long legs, neck and body, pronounced shoulder blades, and a short tail.

Pele comes to us from Wyndthingz cattery in California, U.S.A. She produces kittens with fantastic inky black spots and spectacular ears. We hope to see her lovely black nose passed down to her golden spotted kittens.

Pele is named after the Hawaiian volcano and fire goddess and is a real spit-fire of a girl! She has a slightly higher % of Serval in her than the average F2 girl. This is due to her coming from a rare breeding of an F1 Savannah queen to a F4 Savannah stud, with her grandparents being an African Serval stud bred to an F4 Savannah queen.

To learn more about melanism, please click here.

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