F2B “Meryl”


F2B Savannah Queen – Demdar “Meryl” of Exotic Tails.

(NOTE: Meryl is now retired and living a pampered life in her new pet home.)

Meryl and her sister Daphne come to us from a veterinarian breeder in Virginia U.S.A. Savannah Cats from these lines are known for their vigorous health, outstanding temperament, and amazing Servally type. We couldn’t be happier with these two girls and plan to work down to SBT (Stud Book Tradition) using these lines.

Meryl has high set, deeply cupped ears that are wide at the base, pronounced ocelli, nicely hooded eyes, lovely cheetah tear-markings, a spectacular profile and good triangular head shape, fantastic muzzle with no pinch, wide nose bridge and large leather, super long legs, neck and body, pronounced shoulder blades, horizontal flowing pattern with spotting down to her toes, and a short fat Serval-like tail. Our favourite feature of Meryl’s is the Serval-like texture to her coat – a trait that is often lost past the F1 generation. We’re thrilled to see her pass this on to many of her kittens.

Meryl’s grandmother is a Main Coon and her grandfather is the African Serval. We find the Main Coon in Meryl’s pedigree adds nice size and more easy going temperaments to her F3C Savannah kittens. Meryl has a very outgoing personality and headbutts at full force!

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