F2B Male “Tsukuyomi”

Born: March 26th, 2014
Colour: Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby – Cooler Toned
Dam: Savannahcatland Inca (F1A)
Sire: Jasirisana Knucklebones (F7SBT)

We are just so thrilled with how Yomi has turned out! Even in his kitten-fuzzies, we already see ink-black spotting, gorgeous prominent ocelli on huge ears, and legs that go on forever. Yomi also already weighs a whopping 12lbs at 6 months of age! Anyone looking for a BIG sweetheart, look no further!

Tsukuyomi, AKA Yomi, got his name from the Japanese Moon deity. When him and his sister were born their different colours reminded us of the sun and the moon and thus they inherited these names. We hope to integrate his sister “Amaterasu” into our breeding program and continue passing down our F1 Inca’s beautiful genes.

Our F2 Savannah kittens are hand-raised and human imprinted for maximum socialization. They’re playful, confident, incredibly loving, and snuggle monsters. We’ve had many go to homes with small children and can integrate to most active lifestyles. Yomi himself is a gentle giant and is confident with children, other pets, and actively greets our guests.

***Yomi has found his wonderful new home in Quebec. Please inquire at info@exotictails.ca for info on available Savannah Cats, or visit us at www.facebook.com/exotictails


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