F1A “Inca”

F1A Savannah Queen – Savannahcatland “Inca”.

Inca is quite the sweet and stunning girl with very bold looks and impressive size. She is tall and long with good musculature, and has perfect tall, upright ears displaying gorgeous ocelli. Inca also has massive jet-black spotting, a thick Serval-like texture to her coat, and a short fat tail. Despite all of her Serval-like qualities, our favourite feature has to be Inca’s perfect puffy black nose!

All of Inca’s kittens are gentle giants and have stolen the hearts not just with us at Exotic Tails, but with our friends, guests, and the families they now live with!

Inca has a powerful headbutt and greets us with chirps and purrs. We would like to thank Suzie of Lynxotics Cattery for trusting us with her precious girl! We couldn’t be more thrilled with our first F1 Savannah Cat.

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