About Exotic Tails

Proud F5 mom with her little boy!

Exotic Tails is a Canadian Savannah cat breeder based in Ontario. We are a small, family run cattery with our breeders residing in both our city home in Toronto and our farm up in Aurora. After our kittens have been weaned and received at least their 1st vaccinations, kittens are generally available for viewing at our Toronto location.

Like you, we love and respect animals because we know they’re more than just pets – they become an integral part of our families and our lives.

We breed for health, temperament, and beautiful wild looks. Our cats go through frequent health screening. In the Exotic Tails family, all of our animals are raised underfoot with other people, cats, and dogs to ensure they are well socialized.

Exotic Tails is:

  • TICA and CCA-registered
  • part of TICA’s “Responsible Breeder Program”
  • a  TICA Outstanding Cattery
  • Animal Care Certified
  • an FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), and PK Deficiency (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) negative cattery. Please ask to see a copy of the parent’s DNA Tests. We also regularly scan our cats for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) and are happy to announce everyone has healthy hearts!

When you adopt a kitten from Exotic Tails, they come with:

  • TICA (The International Cat Association) & CCA (Canadian Cat Association) Registration
  • Vaccinations x2
  • Deworming x2-4
  • Microchip
  • Vet records including fecal exam showing they’re free of parasites
  • 2 Year Written Health Guarantee
  • 6 Weeks free pet insurance
  • Lifetime breeder support
  • Kitten Starter Kit (premium food, blanket that smells like mom, toys, bowls, recommendations, etc.)

Pet kittens are spayed/neutered. Please inquire about breeding rights.

All older kittens or retired breeders/show cats come fully vaccinated (including their Rabies vaccine) and dewormed.

We currently produce F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7 and SBT kittens.

We Are Proud to be an Open Cattery

We believe that people should be allowed to visit a cattery before purchasing their kitten and strongly recommend it. While we do understand why some catteries choose to be “Closed Catteries” (i.e the risk of contamination, stress on the cats, and privacy of the breeder’s home), we believe a person should be able to see the conditions in which their potential furry family member will be raised. How can you know for sure that your kitten is being raised in a healthy, loving environment otherwise? How else do you confirm you’re not buying from a “backyard breeder” or “kitten mill”? A person should also get to meet the breed before committing to sharing 15-20+ years with it. How else will you know this is the right breed for you?

Although we do have two locations in which we share breeding responsibilities, all of our available kittens are accessible for viewing after their first vaccinations (approximately 9 weeks of age) in our Toronto home. Unfortunately, many people are happy to place a deposit on kittens before this time. We are happy to give a small tour and have guests come visit our show cats to get a feel for our cattery and the breed so they feel comfortable in the kitten they will be bringing home when the time comes. We make every effort to try to match the right cat/kitten with the right person/family, even if they cannot come see them first!

We can also provide references to other happy families on request and are well known in the Savannah breeding community. We are part of the Savannah Breed Section and the Savannah Breed Mentors lists.

While we do advocate visiting your breeder, please keep in mind that breeders are NOT pet stores! We breed as a hobby, have full time jobs, have families and (sometimes) social lives. Breeders are generally very busy people and can make time by appointment only. Tours are not available when we have very young unvaccinated kittens for their safety and our queen’s privacy.

Exotic Tails frequently attends cat shows and breed presentations for people interested in learning more about the Savannah breed! Please check out our schedule on our Facebook page or email us for more info!

Check Us Out!

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For more information, contact us at info@exotictails.ca.